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Outdoor stone floors - Porfido e costruzioni

Natural stone flooring and cladding.

Porfido & Costruzioni is a company that deals with flooring and cladding in natural stone, especially for exteriors. The products marketed are many, but we are specialized in products made with porphyry. We sell porphyry from Trentino Alto Adige and Argentina.
Thanks to our organization we are able to provide for the design, technical assistance and installation of marketed materials.

Stone floors: a wide choice of quality

We operate in the stone flooring sector throughout the national territory and beyond: thanks to collaborations with reliable partners, established over years of activity, we are able to reach the customer anywhere in the world quickly. We market a wide range of products and we are able to follow the customer at all stages.

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Technical Consultancy

The technical department carries out a wide range of activities to assist the customer in all the phases that characterize the commercial relationship, looking for the best solution both in terms of design and use…

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Based on the customer’s needs, the service can be provided directly by our company, through specialized workers. The installers are selected according to rigorous criteria…

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Thanks to the collaboration with a number of reliable partners, we can reach the customer quickly and anywhere in the world.

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Material Research

A network of consolidated contacts in the areas of greatest interest allows meeting any needs, from the most common to the most peculiar and customized ones.